Huawei G8, Capture All Surprise!

In our daily life, there’s always things that happen beyond our expectations. Moments that will not be repeated and should be captured right away, on the spot. Could be, this is the reason Huawei issued G8 series with 13 MP front camera along with advanced features to meet these needs.

Huawei G8

The main features which is very admirable is fingerprint scanner that can identify fingerprints so that the handset can be unlocked quickly. This feature makes the G8 is suitable for photography enthusiast, especially street photography who need the alertness of capturing moments.

Street Photography

G8 rear camera also has a good tolerance to low light so that we can still take pictures at night and still produce sharp quality images. The anti-shock feature will give sharp quality images without any shaking effect.

Huawei 3

Huawei G8, Capture All Surprise!

Huawei G8 also comes with 3000mAh battery capacity which gives us an opportunity to continue to capture all day surprises. So, looks like, for your daily activities, Huawei G8 deserved to be your companion!

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